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Review of “The Girl Who Disappeared Twice” by Andrea Kane

Andrea Kane, who  wrote historical romances with some suspense involved, has completed another exceptional contemporary suspense novel. This novel grabs the reader from the first page. There were enough leads to keep us all busy trying to figure out the culprits. It was very hard for me to put this book down even for a minute.  I actually felt like I had a vested interest in solving this case.

Thirty years before, Hope Willis’ identical twin sister was kidnapped from their bedroom.  In present day, Hope’s daughter has just been kidnapped.  Her twin was never found so Hope has no intentions of leaving any rock unturned to find her abducted daughter.  She hires an organization called “Forensic Instincts” known for thinking out of the box to help the authorities find her daughter before the un-imaginable can happen.

The twists and turns of this story are many and I just couldn’t get enough.  I actually clapped my hands at the finale.  This book was just wonderful and excellently written.  The characters were dynamic and their interaction between each other totally believable. I sincerely hope that we see the Forensic Instincts team again in following sequels. I can’t wait for their next case.

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Review on Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

This was a difficult book for me to get a satisfactory read.  I really wanted to like this book because the characters are engaging and well-defined. Sally is on her way to stay with and help her sister who is pregnant with her third child in three years of marriage. Her traveling party ran into an ambush which you had to suspend your belief that a seasoned Colonel and other military personnel would ride off without someone to do advance scouting to make sure that they were not riding into open dangerous territory.  They also had no wagons or something to hide behind in case of an attack.  If I can suspend that thought, I just didn’t see that much believable chemistry going on between Logan and Sally.  She had little respect for him and his talents and he just seemed to be in a state of amazement that she had fallen into his life.

The sister’s situation was even worse.  Considering the strong family that Mandy was reared, I can’t really believe that she would have chosen someone so obnoxious and disliked by her family.  Although the bad guys were really bad, the worst two didn’t receive the amount of comeuppance that they really deserved.  These two just wreaked havoc against soldiers, women, bosses, and hardened tough guys.  Somebody should have been able to stop these outlaws. These crooks  weren’t the brightest bulbs but appeared to be very lucky under the circumstances.

On the positive note, the characters are very interesting–especially the minor ones.  I just wish that there had been a more convincing romance between the lead characters and closure on some of the issues in the book. Hopefully, Mandy will get away from her surly, inconsiderate husband in a sequel and really experience a loving relationship.

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Aliyah Burke – The Kysenzki Trilogy plus One

A Marriage of ConvenienceThe Lieutenant's Ex-WifeA Man Like No OtherWhen Stars Collide

This review is for the Kysenzki trilogy plus the prequel, “Marriage of Convenience”.  If you like military romance, Aliyah Burke is a must read for you.  Because of her military background, her insight shows up in all of her books of this genre.  The “Marriage of Convenience” relates the story of Ayanna, a Pharmacological student, and Michael, a fighter pilot, who had a one night stand when Ayanna was on a college break.  No names were exchanged but neither one of them forgot the instant passion between them.  Several years later Michael runs into Ayanna and finds out that he is a father.  Taking responsibility for his newly found son, Michael marries Ayanna and moves them into his home.  Michael and Ayanna have never stopped caring for each other and the proximity makes the love grow stronger.  Eventually, everything falls into place and we the readers get our happily ever after.

Now this leads us into the beginning of the Kysenzki trilogy, “The Lieutenant’s Ex-Wife”.   This book is about Michael’s  flying partner and best friend, Pete Kysenzki.  Pete married Sidra six years ago as part of an undercover sting.  They both thought that the marriage was dissolved after the case was finished but because of an oversight, they are still married.  Pete was told that Sidra had a child and wanted sole custody.  He was determined to find Sidra to get some answers about the child before he agrees to a divorce.  Sidra has been in hiding since a traitor has been looking for her because of evidence that she had against him.  Pete finds Sidra in Alaska and learns that there is no child but he has brought her nemesis to her door.  Pete enlists the aid of his brothers to bring this guy down before he harms Sidra.  The passion that was there years ago is still alive and strong.  This is an entertaining read and action-packed while the case is being solved.

The second installment of the trilogy is about Taber Kysenzki and Serefina LeBenoit in “A Man Like No Other”.   Special Agent Serefina  is in the ATF and Taber is the DEA’s bad boy.  Serefina and Taber have much in common.  Both of them are known for being the best at what they do.  Serefina became an ATF agent because of crimes she witnessed years ago.  As a result, her sister was killed when the murderer incorrectly identified Serefina’s sister as the witness.  The murderer is still very much into criminal activities when both Serefina and Taber are assigned to the case of finding him.  Sparks and desire flare throughout this book but Serefina still has to close the door on her past before she can give herself totally to Taber.  This is a hot book and will keep you rooting for them to get their man and also to take their relationship all the way to a lovely end.

The final installment is about Cortland Kysenzki , the oldest brother, and Zemire Gibson in “When Stars Collide”.  Zemire is the sister of one of Cortland oldest friends and has known Cortland for years.  Cortland has not seen Zemire in years since she works in Paris when he spots her at her brother’s birthday party.   The attraction was immediate and intense.  She and Cortland spends an amazing night together after the party.  Zemire goes back to France, but her brother is reported missing and Cort brings her back to the states.  Zemire and Cort team up together to find her brother as well as enduring attacks on her safety.  This book is a fascinating read and the stars certainly collide for our two leads or is it just old-fashioned spontaneous combustion.

These books are exciting reads with passionate and have earned  Forever “Good Read” ratings from this blogger.


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Hello Readers

This posting is to announce my new blog. I am an avid reader and I will be blogging reviews on books of all genres. Most of my blogs will be on Romance and technical books although I reserve the right to review any book. If you have any questions or requests for reviews, let me know. I will also have guest bloggers so don’t hesitate to send me your reviews.

This is a picture of my bookstore. If you ever see yourself in the San Jose/Santa Clara area, please drop by. You can find us on the web at

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