Review on Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

16 Apr

Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary Connealy

This was a difficult book for me to get a satisfactory read.  I really wanted to like this book because the characters are engaging and well-defined. Sally is on her way to stay with and help her sister who is pregnant with her third child in three years of marriage. Her traveling party ran into an ambush which you had to suspend your belief that a seasoned Colonel and other military personnel would ride off without someone to do advance scouting to make sure that they were not riding into open dangerous territory.  They also had no wagons or something to hide behind in case of an attack.  If I can suspend that thought, I just didn’t see that much believable chemistry going on between Logan and Sally.  She had little respect for him and his talents and he just seemed to be in a state of amazement that she had fallen into his life.

The sister’s situation was even worse.  Considering the strong family that Mandy was reared, I can’t really believe that she would have chosen someone so obnoxious and disliked by her family.  Although the bad guys were really bad, the worst two didn’t receive the amount of comeuppance that they really deserved.  These two just wreaked havoc against soldiers, women, bosses, and hardened tough guys.  Somebody should have been able to stop these outlaws. These crooks  weren’t the brightest bulbs but appeared to be very lucky under the circumstances.

On the positive note, the characters are very interesting–especially the minor ones.  I just wish that there had been a more convincing romance between the lead characters and closure on some of the issues in the book. Hopefully, Mandy will get away from her surly, inconsiderate husband in a sequel and really experience a loving relationship.

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