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Salary Tutor by Jim Hopkinson

Mr. Hopkinson has chosen to tackle a very difficult subject–negotiating salaries.  He has interwoven real life scenarios with suggested techniques.

As a veteran of the salary negotiation wars  myself, I read this book with an open mind.  I can only say that I wish that this book existed several battles ago. The suggestions were concise and very easy to do. I saw some of my mistakes and realize that I could have negotiated for better salaries by just being prepared and armed with information.

The book is written such that a novice can also benefit from the information in it. It tells you how to negotiate without leaving a bad taste in the employer’s mouth. Having been an employer too, I can attest to this assertion. I highly recommend this book for anyone going into salary negotiations and want make sure that they are making as much as possible.

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Creed’s Honor by Linda Lael Miller

This review is for the second book in the latest trilogy by Linda Lael Miller. Connor has stayed on the ranch that he and his twin brother inherited from his father who died a short time after the twins’ birth.  Connor has always wanted a family but was too shy and reserved.  Tricia McCall is back in town to sell her inheritance from her father. Tricia visited Lonesome Bend every summer and was considered stuck-up because she was also shy.

This book tells the story of how two lonely, shy people create a lasting romance. Fortunately, for them, they had a lot of help from Tricia’s goddaughter who is visiting her and a her grandmother who thinks that Tricia and Connor would make a lovely couple. This story has both primary and secondary characters who are interesting and give life to this journey. There are also a slew of animals who bring their own story for animal lover readers.

Ms. Miller unfolds this story beautifully along with plenty of help from friend and family including her precocious goddaughter.

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The Proposal by Brenda Jackson

This is the 20th book about the Westmoreland clan featuring Jason Westmoreland of the Denver branch.  I must say that after twenty books, each one just gets better than the last and Brenda Jackson just keeps spinning an entertaining read.

Jason meets Bella Bostwick and the sparks started flying immediately.  Jason is quiet and reflective but still has that Westmoreland charm and sizzling sex appeal.  Bella inherits the estate of a grandfather that she didn’t know exist.  To get away from her controlling parents, she moved across country to live on her new ranch.  Unfortunately, no one wants her to stay but Jason.  Strange things started happening and Jason, like all the Westmorelands, knew that he had to protect his lady love.

This story is fast-paced and does not disappoints.  Brenda Jackson has once again delivered a story with highly likeable characters and a surprising twist with the identity of the culprits.  This a must read and I highly recommend this book.

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The Bull Rider’s Secret by Marin Thomas

Brody Murphy is a perennial loser as a Bull Rider in the rodeos.  His friend, Drew, tries to convince him to leave the rodeo circuit and

settle down as a ranch hand. Brody has shadows in his life from the past that keeps him running from settling down.  Because of this, he doesn’t feel that he deserves to have a happy life. Brody meets a young boy, Ricky Sovo, at a hog-catching   contest and becomes embroiled in the boy’s life. He meets Ricky’s mother, Kat Sovo,  when he brought Ricky home. Throughout the book, Ricky has a penchant for running off and hitchhiking without informing his mother. This adds for unforeseen excitement in the story

Since Kat’s grandfather’s death, she and Ricky have been living a journeyman’s life going from ranch to ranch taking care of horses.  This is her chance to finally get a permanent position if she can just run the ranch while the owners are away.  Unfortunately, two of the ranch hands refused to work for a woman and threatened to sabotage her efforts.  Brody steps in and help with the chores to keep her hopes alive.

This was a quick read and you rooted for Kat to finally get some good luck.  She has to maneuver through incompetent workers, her son’s deadbeat father, and unwanted advances.  Fortunately, for both Brody and Kat, they find love and Brody finally forgives himself for past sins.  There was good chemistry between the lead characters and delivers a satisfying read.

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Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart by Sarah MacLean

Eleven Scandals is the final book in Ms. MacLean’s Love By Numbers Series.  This book could actually have been a stand-alone book.

You did not have to read the previous two books to enjoy the story between Juliana and Simon, the Duke of Leighton. This was a story about bringing out the passion that the Duke was determined to keep inside and Juliana who was just filled with emotions that wanted to surface.

The best part about this book was seeing how although everyone agreed that a marriage between Juliana and Simon would be disastrous, fate just wouldn’t let it go.  Simon even went so far as to get himself engaged to the “perfect” debutante.  But Juliana’s brother asks Simon to prevent her from getting caught up in more scandals. This engendere

d more interaction between the two of them and passion ruled their actions–in a good way.

The author really shows the motivations and a three-dimensional aspect of the characters which makes you want the hero and heroine to experience being truly loved for themselves.  Thanks to the Duke’s sister and despite Juliana’s mot

her, Juliana and Simon are able to navigate the waters to true love.  I really enjoyed living with this family through the trilogy and I look forward to reading Ms. Maclean new offerings.

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