Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart by Sarah MacLean

06 May

Eleven Scandals is the final book in Ms. MacLean’s Love By Numbers Series.  This book could actually have been a stand-alone book.

You did not have to read the previous two books to enjoy the story between Juliana and Simon, the Duke of Leighton. This was a story about bringing out the passion that the Duke was determined to keep inside and Juliana who was just filled with emotions that wanted to surface.

The best part about this book was seeing how although everyone agreed that a marriage between Juliana and Simon would be disastrous, fate just wouldn’t let it go.  Simon even went so far as to get himself engaged to the “perfect” debutante.  But Juliana’s brother asks Simon to prevent her from getting caught up in more scandals. This engendere

d more interaction between the two of them and passion ruled their actions–in a good way.

The author really shows the motivations and a three-dimensional aspect of the characters which makes you want the hero and heroine to experience being truly loved for themselves.  Thanks to the Duke’s sister and despite Juliana’s mot

her, Juliana and Simon are able to navigate the waters to true love.  I really enjoyed living with this family through the trilogy and I look forward to reading Ms. Maclean new offerings.

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