The Bull Rider’s Secret by Marin Thomas

11 May

Brody Murphy is a perennial loser as a Bull Rider in the rodeos.  His friend, Drew, tries to convince him to leave the rodeo circuit and

settle down as a ranch hand. Brody has shadows in his life from the past that keeps him running from settling down.  Because of this, he doesn’t feel that he deserves to have a happy life. Brody meets a young boy, Ricky Sovo, at a hog-catching   contest and becomes embroiled in the boy’s life. He meets Ricky’s mother, Kat Sovo,  when he brought Ricky home. Throughout the book, Ricky has a penchant for running off and hitchhiking without informing his mother. This adds for unforeseen excitement in the story

Since Kat’s grandfather’s death, she and Ricky have been living a journeyman’s life going from ranch to ranch taking care of horses.  This is her chance to finally get a permanent position if she can just run the ranch while the owners are away.  Unfortunately, two of the ranch hands refused to work for a woman and threatened to sabotage her efforts.  Brody steps in and help with the chores to keep her hopes alive.

This was a quick read and you rooted for Kat to finally get some good luck.  She has to maneuver through incompetent workers, her son’s deadbeat father, and unwanted advances.  Fortunately, for both Brody and Kat, they find love and Brody finally forgives himself for past sins.  There was good chemistry between the lead characters and delivers a satisfying read.

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Posted by on May 11, 2011 in Book Reviews



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