Playing Dirty by Susan Andersen

05 Aug

Playing Dirty is a fast-paced, entertaining romp. Ms. Andersen has given us well-written leads and sub-characters that kept me glued to this book.  The prologue in the book starts ten years earlier when Cade Gallari accepted a dare from his friends that he could seduce Ava Spencer–the girl with the few extra pounds.  He wins the bet but Ava gives as much as she got during the announcement.  For thirteen years, Cade has regretted taking the dare and has tried to apologize to Ava any chance he gets but so far she hasn’t really forgiven him.

Over the years, Cade has become a well-known documentary producer and his next project entails writing about a mansion that was bequeathed to Ava and her friends.  Its previous owner, Miss Agnes, is also a prominent figure in both the film and the book.  Cade has always wanted to do a film on the mystery surrounding the mansion and now he has the clout to get it done. He arranges to rent the mansion and retain the services of Ava as the show’s concierge. Ava has lost the extra pounds and has gained an excellent reputation as a concierge and Cade is certainly attracted to the new Ava although he does admit to himself that he liked the old one too.

This book has it all–wonderful plot with an opportunistic villain, sparks between our love interests and a very satisfying ending.  I highly recommend that you get on board and enjoy this entertaining ride of a book.  Ms. Andersen has knocked this one out of the park.

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