The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

05 Aug

Julie Garwood delivers again.  The Ideal Man is a fast-paced story with two strong lead characters trying to handle dual crimes.  Ellie witnesses an attempted murder on a FBI agent while jogging  for relaxation from being a superstar trauma surgeon. Although the villains are in disguise and neither she nor the FBI agent can identify them, the Landrys (villains) want them eliminated.  She meets Max, another FBI agent, who has been trying to bring down the Landrys for crimes perpetrated in Hawaii. There is instant attraction between Ellie and Max and it just gets better as the story progresses.

Along with having to stay alive for witnessing this crime, she has her own nemesis from thepast.  Evan Paterson has stalked Ellie since she was eleven years old and left her for dead when she didn’t return his affections.  Having to navigate between finding the Landrys and Paterson before Ellie is killed keep Ellie and Max very busy.  Throughout this madness, Ellie has to contend with the wedding of a sister who stole Ellie’s fiance.

The family dynamics are appealing and the characters bring a lot of energy to the book.  There are several characters in this book who can carry their own storyline in one of Garwood’s future books.  I highly recommend this book as a Forever “Good Read”.

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