Baby, Drive South by Stephanie Bond

24 Aug

The Armstrong brothers have come home to tornado-ravished Sweetness, GA to rebuild the town for themselves and their mother. The construction is coming along nicely except for one thing–there are no women. The men have to travel some distance to enjoy the company of womenfolk and you just can’t have a town without the fairer sex. Ms. Bond has given us a very entertaining read with the diverse characters and interesting events.

One brother, Kendall, has placed an ad in a Northern town for women who are willing to come South and help rebuild the town. A caravan of women have arrived in town and no one has thought of actually setting up a proper environment for them. Flying by the seat of their pants, the brothers have to build living accommodations and other facilities for the women. Trying to figure out how the brothers will keep the women from leaving will keep the reader turning the pages.

Parker Armstrong, is the Lothario of the brothers and has broken his leg trying to view the women from a tower as they entered into town. Fortunately, for him, a doctor is in the group along with some medical equipment which enabled her to treat him immediately. Parker is not at his best and makes the doctor, Nikki Salinger, feel unappreciated which gives her second thoughts about staying in town. She decides to leave the town as quickly as possible. The brothers know that if she leaves town, the rest of the women won’t be too far behind. The brothers told Parker to get the doctor to stay and sign a contract for her services. As Parker work to get her to stay, he starts to have feelings for our good doctor and he challenges her throughout the book until he wins her heart. An ex-boyfriend of the doctor shows up and put more flies in the ointment.

This book is the first in Ms. Bond’s new trilogy and I can’t wait for the next installment. We can see a preview of what’s to come since an ex-lover of one brother is a best friend of Dr. Nikki and she did not come to town with her. This is a very good start to the trilogy and I hope Ms. Bond keeps up with what she has begun in this very enjoyable read.

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