Merciless by Diana Palmer

24 Aug

Merciless was an intriguing novel that was entertaining but just missed being very good. Ms. Palmer always gives us a good read with suspense and mystery along with a few twists that keeps the story going. She usually falls short with the romance part and characterizations of the hero and heroine.

Joceline Perry has been Jon Blackhawk’s assistant for several years and has kept his office running very efficiently. In Jon’s work as a FBI agent, he has gathered a lot of villains wanting to exact revenge on him. He is attacked and was put in the hospital with serious injuries. Joceline decided to go with him to his family vacation home to nurse him back to health. Joceline is also responsible for her son which she has told everyone was conceived during a brief affair and he is totally out of the picture. Her son has illnesses and she has used all of her money to keep him healthy. Besides dealing with these issues, Jon has a very doting mother who does not like Joceline and does everything in her power to keep this romance from getting off the floor.

My problem with this story is that I didn’t feel much sexual energy between our hero and heroine. It was obvious that she was hiding something about her son from Jon and everyone else at the office. I saw no reason why she withheld the real identity of her son’s father. This did nothing for the story. As to the the mystery, it was obvious to just about any reader the identity of the office leak. How this book got as far as it did without all of the law agencies finding the perpetrators early on is beyond me.

As usual, Ms Palmer’s stories have a lot of potential. They just don’t reach the stars. I can recommend this book for anyone wanting to read a decent suspense mystery but beware of the overt flaws. Don’t look for a great romance in this book.

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