Protective Custody by Wynter Daniels

24 Aug

Ms. Daniels has written a wonderfully suspenseful story. Megan Jackson witnesses a murder through the window but after calling the police, there was no body or evidence. She calls her ex-boyfriend, a former cop, to help her solve this murder before the murderer kills her. Fortunately, for Megan, Will McCoy believes her and vows to protect her. Will still loves Megan and could never understand why she broke up their relationship. The sparks are still there and romance heats up immediately after being in each other’s company. Along with solving this murder mystery, Will intends to re-kindle the flames and not let Megan walk away from their relationship.

Megan never told Will that she broke up with him due to the prejudices of her grandmother regarding interracial relationships. This books takes us through Megan’s desire to please her grandmother and also stay with the love of her life. The author does an excellent job in showing how love conquers all. Ms. Daniels also had plenty of twists and suspense while Megan and Will prove that a murder occurred and who did it.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who not only wants to see lovers triumph over their difficulties but Ms. Daniels also gave us a thrilling suspense story that kept us guessing throughout the book.

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