The Mogul’s Maybe Marriage by Mindy Klasky

24 Aug

This book was an interesting read. It had a little of bit of heart touching plus a plucky heroine that enabled me to finish the story. I would give it an acceptable rating because it had all of the elements of a romance but it just didn’t flow seamlessly.

Ethan Hartwell is told by his grandmother that he must marry by his birthday or lose his place in her company regardless of the fact that he has been doing an exceptional job as a CEO. The author kept telling us that the grandmother was threatening her grandson because she loved him so much. That kind of love you can live without. He searches out Sloan Davenport who he remembered as an excellent lover to ask her to marry him. He finds out that she is pregnant with his child and this gives him the perfect excuse to pressure Sloane to marry him. She puts up a little resistance at first but agrees rather quickly after surveying her resources. Because of a family secret, Ethan tends to distance himself from attachments and this didn’t stop with a new wife and puppy. Eventually, he learns to allow others besides his grandmother into his life and happily every after comes after a few bumps along the way.

I have already mentioned several flaws but the most glaring one is that if Ethan is as brilliant and successful as the author would have us believe he should have been able to either start his own company or at the very least be hired by another one in the same industry. Our heroine, Sloane, tries to bring some humanity into the book but the story just falls short in really retaining my full attention. There is also the obligatory cross purpose statement made by the well-meaning friend that causes Sloane to run away rather than to discuss it with her husband which could have saved us all from going through this “break-up”.

I can only recommend this book to fans of the secret baby and loving threats plot lines.

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