The Surgeon’s Secret Baby by Anne Christopher

23 Oct

The Surgeon’s Secret Baby is the second book in a four part miniseries centered in the Hopewell General hospital. Although, this book is part of a miniseries, it is excellent enough to stand on its own. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Christopher’s story about Lia, who has hacked the hospital’s computer to determine the identity of her son’s sperm donor and Thomas, an eminently acclaimed surgeon.

Lia was widowed before the birth of her son and is doing everything in her power to help her son find a kidney transplant. She finds out that Thomas is her son’s father and immediately appeals to him to get tested to see if he can be a donor for her child. Thomas decided long ago not to father a child and only donated sperm as a college student. But once he meets his little mini-me, Thomas wants to play a significant role in his son’s life. At the same time, he is very attracted to his son’s mother and the sparks fly between them from the first time that they meet. Their interaction just had me melting all the way through this book. I must confess that I have read this book several times so that I could just enjoy taking part in coming together of a beautiful family.

This book shows the growth of all the family members including Thomas’s father who has issues of his own and brings several plot turning events to the story. This was an integration of different characters and perspectives and I look forward to discovering more of Ms. Christopher’s work. I highly recommend this book as a heart-warming feel good story.

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