A Lawman’s Christmas by Linda Lael Miller

16 Jan

Linda Lael Miller has given us a nice heartwarming homespun story. I really enjoyed the characters especially the hero and the heroine’s two children. Dara Rose Nolan is the widow of the previous Marshall. She was given permission by the town council to remain in the house that came with the job until a new Marshall was hired. Unfortunately for Dara and her two children, the town council has hired Clay McKettrick to become the new Marshall and has give Dara an eviction notice. Clay comes from a prosperous family in which he is one of the youngest. He needs his own space to recover from a bad love affair.

The person that Clay meets after taking over the Marshall position is Ms. Edrina Nolan, Dara’s oldest daughter. Edrina is petite and has the most loveable personality. Clay is enchanted by her and has appointed himself the protector of the widow and her children. Clay has allowed Dara and her family to remain in the house but the town council still wants to evict her and sell the house if the Marshall doesn’t want to live there. Dara has an unwanted suitor and agrees to marry the Marshall to stay in the house and to get rid of the erstwhile suitor. We see the blending of a new family and how trust and love builds up over time. This book was nice and cozy read for anyone who wants to believe in true romance.

The characters are well-written with strong characteristics. There is also room for redemption and new beginnings. I give this story a good recommendation.

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