Can’t Stop Loving You by Bette Ford

16 Jan

“Can’t Stop Loving You” is an entertaining standalone sequel to “Island Magic”. Laura Murdock works as a Social Worker who is very dedicated to her job and sometimes cares more about her clients than she does about herself. Her adoptive sisters and co-workers finally convince Laura to take a much needed three week vacation in the Virgin Islands.


While in the Virgin Islands, Laura meets a very talented as well as extremely sexy artist by the name of Sebastian. He asks Laura to pose for him in exchange for using his home and him as a tour guide. Because Laura was in the foster care system with little money, she is determined to marry a man who is not only rich but very powerful. Although Sebastian is brilliant, attractive, and rich, Laura doesn’t think that he would make an acceptable husband because he is not powerful enough—or so she thinks.

The sparks are sizzling between Laura and Sebastian the more they find themselves in the same vicinity. Laura gives into her feelings for Sebastian and enters into a no-strings attached sexual affair with him. Sebastian accepts this arrangement at first because he is not looking for permanence either because of his demanding schedule. But somewhere along the way, feelings grow and Sebastian wants to renegotiate terms. Laura disagrees and breaks off the affair.

After talking to her sisters and doing some personal reflections, Laura realizes that all she wants out of life is to be loved for herself. Laura goes after her man and we witness the evolution of a relationship that had all of the needed components to work but not all the communication that is required to do so. This book is a very thoughtful book that has the reader reflecting on their own personal needs along with Laura and Sebastian.

I really enjoyed going along with the ride to see Laura and Sebastian come to grips with what is important in life and how they make it work for them. This was a very entertaining book and I give it a very good recommendation.

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