Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel by Samantha Grace

16 Jan

Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel is an interesting story about a young lady who has experienced betrayal in love and is not looking for a marriage in the near future. Unfortunately for her, her mother does not feel the same way and wants her daughter married as soon as humanly possible. Lana Hillary is running away from a persistent suitor when she meets Lord Andrew Forest who helps her elude being compromised. Lord Andrew is known for being a rake and is in no hurry to end his bachelorhood. Much to his surprise, he finds himself attracted to a woman who will go to any lengths to avoid marriage. He decides to pursue her but not necessarily for a permanent arrangement. He just likes to interact and spend time with her or so he thinks.

Unfortunately for Lord Andrew, Miss Hillary’s brother does not like him and does everything in his power to keep the two of them from even being in the same proximity. This doesn’t slow our hero down. He arranges to spend time with her at his parents’ country party since Lana will be there to support her best friend, Andrew’s sister-in-law, during her first stages of pregnancy. Lana senses that Andrew could be trouble and she tries to stay away from him. But Andrew enlists the aid of any one he can to get Lana alone so that that he can seduce her. As Drew spends more time with Lana, his feelings escalate and he can see that Lana might be the right women for him as he enjoys her company more and more. Lana has already had one encounter with a rakish fiance and is in no hurry to hook up with another one. Drew is determined to woo Lana and get her to accept his offer of marriage.

Ms. Grace entices the reader in watching how Drew lands his prize. The path to happiness isn’t smooth and there are others who wish to take advantage of our heroine along with a mother who is determined to see her daughter married at all costs. I enjoyed the scenes between Lana and Andrew as well as the well written secondary characters. I would like to have read a little more on how her mother evolved to her current state. There were also some other loose story ends that will probably be cleared up in future sequels but I wish that they were not so prevalent in this story. I give this story a Good recommendation.

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