Pride & Passion by Charlotte Featherstone

16 Jan

This book is a sequel to Seduction & Scandal and I must admit that I did not like the heroine, Lucy Ashton, when she was introduced in that book. Unfortunately, this book did not make me like her any better in her own story. I found her to have a spoiled, stubborn personality with not much consideration for anyone else other than herself. The book, at least, furthered our knowledge of the issues started in the first book but I was barely interested in the plot the first time and I definitely started losing the rest of my interest while reading this one.

The Duke of Sussex has always had a tendre for Lucy since he first spotted her years ago. He requests her hand in marriage from her father and is given permission to marry her. Lucy feels that the Duke is a stick in the mud and goes out of her way to discourage him. But the Duke has waited too long and has done too much to win the love of his life so he has no intention of being dissuaded in his pursuit of her. Lucy still has feelings for previous lover who she thought was dead. She has embraced the occult in order to communicate with him once again. It doesn’t take much intelligence from the reader to determine that there is something havey-cavey about her previous love’s death. Lucy manages to get herself into much danger with the Duke constantly having to protect her and bail her out of trouble. Personally, I could see no reason why the Duke is so enamored of Lucy. She has shown me nothing in either of these stories why someone would do anything to win her love.

Ms. Featherstone has tried to explain some of the reasons why protecting the relics and understanding Lucy is plausible but I can’t accept them. I can only recommend this book to someone who is interested in the series and want to learn more about the Brethren. I, for one, will stop reading about them with this book.

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