Sinful Seduction by Ann Christopher

16 Jan

Sinful Seduction has all of the elements to be a fantastic book. I really loved the heroine, Skylar Lawrence. She was feisty, intelligent, and she went after her man. I enjoyed the reading the dynamics between the secondary characters who were well-defined and our story leads. Ms. Christopher characterized the hero, Sandro, very well with an intriguing personality that offered lots of story opportunities. This was a good book but it could have been exceptional if the story had better transition in the story lines. I think that the author was trying to put too many events into a small space and could not give them all enough attention. Some of the events could have been omitted and others should have been lengthened to give us a more satisfying interaction between the couple.

Skylar Lawrence was barely engaged to Alessandro Davies’ brother when she met Sandro. Soon, thereafter, she broke her engagement days before the twins were deployed to Afghanistan. Her former fiance was MIA after an explosion and Sandro came back injured physically and mentally because he couldn’t save his brother. Skylar felt the sparks with Sandro from the day that she met him. She tried to contact him after he came back but he didn’t return her messages. Sandro fell for Skylar immediately but he didn’t want to act on his feelings because he felt like he was betraying his brother’s memory. Skylar decided to take matters in her own hand and showed up on his doorsteps. Gloves were removed an the romance adventure was on.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interplay and dynamics between all of the characters in the story. A few surprises manifested themselves along the way but Skylar was determined to win her man. The bumps in the road helped this story eventually come to a satisying end. I give this story a Good recommendation and I am looking forward to reading the sequel to this book to find out how all the relationships evolve.

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