The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens

16 Jan

Stephanie Laurens, as always, continues her ability to write witty, intelligent romances that makes the reader beg for more. The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae is the last book in the Cynster Sisters trilogy. We finally learn why the Earl has tried to kidnap a Cynster sister and failed in the previous two books. The Earl decides this time that he will get rid of the middlemen and kidnap the remaining sister himself. He succeeds but didn’t know how attracted he would be to Angelica because he felt that she was too young for him. He tells her his secret and appeals to her to help him save the people dependent upon him being solvent. Angelica listens to his appeal and agrees to help him.

Angelica knew as soon as she meets the Earl that he was her soulmate but there is much work to be done before there is a happy ending. The Earl has already surmised that he would have to marry Angelica because she was compromised as soon as he kidnapped her. Now, the Earl and Angelica are in a race for time to meet the demands of the Earl’s mother so that he can secure his wealth. Angelica and the Earl come up with a plan to end the threat to his people and to see if they could make an acceptable marriage.

I really enjoyed reading about previous Cynster characters as well as watching them interfere in Angelica’s plans. But with the help of the Cynster ladies, Angelica gets her Earl as well as helps him to resolve so many secrets in his village. The Earl learns to appreciate Angelica’s attributes and loyalty while realizing that fate took a hand in the first two failures. I highly recommend this book and make sure you read the first two installments before reading this one.

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