The Guardian by Margaret Mallory

16 Jan

Margaret Mallory has written the first book of a miniseries featuring four related boys who are closer than brothers. The four friends have just returned back to Scotland after fighting in France for the last five years. Many changes have taken place since they have been gone and much is expected from the young men.

The Guardian is about Ian MacDonald who was forced to marry Sileas when she was only a young girl because he had compromised her after saving her from an unwanted marriage. Ian was forced to marry her more for her dowry than her just being compromised because her suitor would have taken her ruint or not. Ian is very upset that he had to marry Sileas and gladly leaves home to fight. Ian comes back home and finds that Sileas has grown to become a beautiful and capable woman who has been the glue to keep Ian’s family together and functioning properly while everything around her has went downward. Ian sees what Sileas has done for his family and decides to keep her as his wife without taking her feelings about the marriage into consideration.

Sileas has a new suitor who is caring and dependable. He wants Sileas to annul her marriage to Ian and marry him. Ian is not about to let her go without a fight. He is now forced to woo his wife while Ian’s relatives see no problem with her choosing her new suitor. Ian has to divide his time getting to know his wife while helping his cousin Connor take rightful position as Laird from his half-uncle.

The Guardian is a page turner with humor and plenty of action to keep the reader thoroughly entertained. I cannot wait for the next installment of this miniseries and I have already purchased some of Ms. Mallory’s previously written books to hold me over to her next story. I give this book a very good recommendation.

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