The Husband Hunt by Lyndsay Sands

16 Jan

I usually enjoy stories written by Lyndsay Sands. She always has a way with writing a story that is delightfully interesting and captivates your attention. She succeeds in doing just that with The Husband Hunt. Lisa Madison is a slightly naïve but lovable heroine who gets caught in some very compromising situations. She has been in love with Robert Langley since she was in leading strings and decided long ago that he was going to be her future husband. The problem with this scenario is that Robert has no intention of getting married to Lisa or anyone else because of his parents’ horrible marriage. The question is who will change their mind first–Lisa or Robert. Minds get changed several times before this couple finds romance.

Somewhere along the way Lisa has picked up a stalker who leaves no stone unturned in wanting to grab her. Being that Lisa has just recently come to London for the season from the country, she is not experienced in dealing with some of the not so well meaning town people. Although Robert doesn’t want Lisa for himself, he decides to move in with her family to protect her from her unknown stalking suitor. This results in Robert finally looking at Lisa and recognizing that she is a fully grown woman who actually appeals to him. Of course, Robert isn’t going down without a fight and after he pulls away from Lisa too many times, she decides to look at some of her other suitors for love. While protecting Lisa, Robert feels the ice slowly melting around his heart and he sees Lisa with different eyes. Now after having rejected Lisa’s love in the past, Robert must woo her and prove to her that he is the best man for her.

I really enjoyed how Lisa gradually start seeing the real world and Robert grew as a caring and considerate man. Ms. Sands has also written a nice suspenseful story with a villain that you can’t wait to see get his comeuppance. The only thing that I would have suggested is that Ms. Sands could have lengthened the scene where the villain is apprehended and finally dealt with. I would have liked to know more about his past and the motives which caused him to become such a monster. I give this story a Very Good recommendation.

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