The Last Cowboy by Lyndsay McKenna

16 Jan

The Last Cowboy is one of the few books that I have read that was written by Ms. McKenna. I was very impressed with her storytelling abilities. The characters were believable and I became engrossed in the couple’s problems and how they worked to solve them. I definitely plan to read more of her books in the future.

Jordana Lawton is an emergency room medical doctor who wants to participate in more competitive endurance races with her horse. Slade McPherson competes himself and takes on serious students to help finance his ranch operations. Slade and his twin brother, Griff, inherited the ranch from their parents who died when they were youngsters. The twins were separated after their parents’ death which caused them to have different values in life. Slade is very lonely and almost ran Jordana away because he felt something for her at their first meeting. Jordana is attracted to the lonely rancher and doesn’t back down from exploring possibilities with Slade. She convinces him to take her on as a student when he realizes that she is serious about succeeding as an endurance rider. This story follows them along as Slade begins to let Jordana into his heart and she proves to be his rock and salvation.

There are plenty of problems greeting this couple before they can settle down to a blissful life ranging from bank payments that Slade can hardly make to dealing with an unemployed estranged brother. Slade also has a jealous competitor who is unscrupulous enough to not let anything stand in his way to get what he wants. All of these elements translated to an entertaining read with an opportunity to learn about little known horse races. I give this book a Good recommendation and look forward to reading a sequel about the estranged brother.

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