The Midsummer’s Night Sin by Kasey Michaels

16 Jan

The Midsummer’s Night Sin is the second book in the Blackthorne brothers trilogy. Once again, Ms. Michael has written another scintillating entry in the trilogy. The first two stories have kept me absolutely entranced with these creative characters. Characters from the first book have re-surfaced in this story and Ms. Michaels has fleshed out more of their character and there is probably more to come.

Robin Blackthorne, aka Puck, is the youngest son of a liaison between an Earl and an actress mother. His father has always acknowledged his sons and provided for them. Puck and his brothers have learned to live with their illegitimate status. Although Puck is rich and very handsome, he is not exactly a choice of the ton’s mothers to marry their daughters. His older brothers just think of him as a profligate and don’t take him very seriously but there is much to Puck’s personality that does not meet the eye.

Regina, our heroine, is in just as bad of a situation even if she is legitimate. Her mother was sold into a marriage with a “cit” by her gambling father and lives with a bottle in one hand at all times. Her father, Reginald, is an unscrupulous scoundrel with no conscious and tries to buy himself into acceptability. Reginald plans to sell Regina to at least an Earl with his money and her beauty. He knows that Regina despises him and he has to be very careful in getting her to agree with any kind of marriage.

Regina’s cousin has a penchant for putting herself in bad situations. She talks Regina into going to a masquerade ball where Regina meets Puck and her cousin, Miranda, disappears. Regina enlists Puck’s help to find her cousin before anything horrible can happen to her. Puck uses his intelligence and resources to locate Miranda with Regina’s help. This book is a fast read and keeps us on our toes before our hero and heroine finds Miranda. We learn more about the third brother, Jack and I can’t wait before we can read his story. This romance has all the elements of an excellent read—good characterization and strong storylines.

I look forwards to finally learning the secrets of the Blackthorne brothers and I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes suspense in their romance. This book can stand on its own.

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