Escape to Paradise by Pamela Yaye

20 Jan

I have not read any of Ms. Yaye’s previous books but if her heroines are anything like this one, I won’t be reading another one again. This book for me was a train wreck from the very beginning. I had so many problems with this book that it is too hard to list them all. Claudia Jefferies is a successful event planner who just divorced her older husband of several years. On the day the divorce became finalized, her ex-husband was arrested for fraud. The public and the police treated Claudia as if she was an accomplice in the fraud. Her answer to this was to get upset, change her hairstyle, hire a less than mediocre attorney, and then run away. Instead of getting some competent advice, she wanted to be “independent” and solve these problems by herself. Now is not the time to do it yourself when you can be thrown into jail.

First of all, wigs would have been a better answer to the hair change because she could change her looks at a moment’s notice. She could have contacted any lawyer referral service to find an attorney who has won a fraud case. And she ran away after all of her assets were frozen–meaning how does she intend to pay for anything. Being broke, the author even had her hesitating to accept a lucrative job offer. Ms. Yaye made a point of telling us that Claudia is a college graduate and has run her own business. Claudia should have been able to find a decent attorney if she ran her own business especially since she had to be using contracts as an event planner.

Claudia runs away to Cabo San Lucas and met Santiago Medina at the airport. She had already turned away every enquiring man but Santiago was determined to spend time with her. With her surly attitude, I couldn’t see the attraction. The dynamics and other relationships in the story were equally irksome such as, out of nowhere, Santiago’s father jumps down Claudia’s throat without listening to her side of the story. The story was so disjointed that I could not wait until it was over.

To make matters worse, this book actually ended before we found out what happened with Claudia or her ex-husband’s SEC case. Claudia’s actions are unbelievable under the circumstances and I could never believe that Santiago is that enamored with her. This book was just too problematic and I cannot recommend this book.

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