She Tempts the Duke by Lorraine Heath

20 Jan

I am a great admirer of Ms. Heath’s books. She develops characters with depth and a full range of emotions. Lady Mary Wynn-Jones and Sebastian Easton were childhood friends. Sebastian’s father had died in an accident and he was to inherit the Duke of Keswick title with its extensive properties. After the accident, Mary overheard Sebastian’s uncle give orders to kill his three nephews so that he could steal the title. Mary helped the boys run away before anything bad could happen to them.

Twelve years later, the uncle was on the verge of having the boys declared dead and claiming the title. The boys returned–all being injured physically and/or mentally–before the uncle could claim the title. Needless to say, there was not a joyous reunion between uncle and nephews. Sebastian has been through a war–losing an eye among other physical ailments. I, personally, would have preferred a hero who was a little less maimed but it doesn’t detract too much from the story.

At this time, the uncle is still determined to get the title at all costs and the nephews are determined that he pay for his crimes and misdeeds. Lady Mary was always drawn to Sebastian and his injuries do nothing to hinder those tender feelings. There are a few obstacles that stand in the way before Mary and Sebastian can find happiness–including Mary’s fiance. But Mary is still protecting her old friends which leads her into tarnishing her reputation. Sebastian feels the need to come to her rescue since he was the cause of her indiscretions. Although our hero and heroine go down a crooked road before they realize that they have always cared for the other, true love eventually wins out as well as our villain getting his comeuppance.

This book was an easy read which flowed smoothly and I just enjoyed going along for the ride. Hopefully, Ms. Heath will give the other brother stories and loves of their own to help them heal from their arduous ordeals. It was very satisfying to see Sebastian transform from a tormented man to someone who has attained all of his dreams. I give this book a Very Good recommendation.

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