Against the Night by Kat Martin

03 Jun

I must say that I am really loving Kat Martin “Against” miniseries. It just gets better with each book and I can wait until I read each installment. The Raines family and friends just keep on giving to the reader. Former Ranger, Johnnie Riggs is working as a private investigator when he spotted Amy Brewer, aka Angel Fontaine, dancing in a stripper joint as he was in the process of apprehending a bond runner. Amy has come to Los Angeles from Grand Rapids, MI looking for her sister who has disappeared and no one has seen her for weeks. She has gotten a job in the stripper joint where her sister, Rachael , last worked hoping to gather any information on her disappearance.

The chemistry between Amy and Johnnie was scorching from the first time that he saw her and it was reciprocated by our heroine. Amy and Johnnie worked very well to solve the disappearance of her sister as they followed the clues until they found her. I also liked the semi-romance between the sister and the Detective such that it made a profane difference in Rachael’s recovery.

This was an excellently written book although I am not a fan of rape in romances. I guess you can say it was instrumental to the storyline but I wish it could have been written differently.


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