Blame it on Bath by Caroline Linden

03 Jun

Caroline Linden usually writes very interesting stories and this one does not disappoint the reader. Blame It On Bath is the second in a trilogy about whether or not three brothers are the legitimate heirs to a Dukedom. The setting of this book is in parallel with the first story. Gerard de Lacey is the youngest son and is determined to find and stop the blackmailer who is casting aspersions on the brothers’ legitimacy.

Katherine Howe is a young widow who is being forced into marriage with her late husband’s heir by her mother and the heir because he wants her money and her mother is just a self-absorbed person. Katherine thwarts their attempts by proposing a marriage to Gerard who had helped her several years before–although he doesn’t immediately remembers her. Katherine has always had a tender spot in her heart for Gerard since this time. She had heard about the illegitimacy rumors and felt it was now or never if she wanted to have him for her husband.

Katherine and Gerard marries and the marriage works for the both of them. They have passion, friendship, and Katherine has a protector who learns to value and love her. This is an wonderful story but it didn’t give us any more knowledge of the blackmailer than the first story. This is more of a stand-alone romance that will keep you entertained until the last page.

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