How to Seduce a Scoundrel by Vicky Dreiling

03 Jun


Vicky Dreiling is a relative new author for me but she is definitely moving up my list of must-read writers. This is a story that went through several phases as we watched both the hero and heroine evolve throughout the book. Julianne Gatewick has known the Earl of Hawkfield (Hawk) all of her life since Hawk is one of her brother’s best friends. Julianne has been in love with Hawk forever and always dreamed that he would fall in love with her and propose marriage but Hawk treats her more like a younger sister.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Julianne’s brother has requested that Hawk act as her guardian during the Season. Hawk has taken the duty very seriously and is hindering Julianne from enjoying her suitors. Since Hawk isn’t coming up to scratch, Julianne has decided to give her suitors a chance to win her heart. Along the way, Hawk is starting to see her as a grown woman and his feelings along with jealousy of her suitors have grown. Hawk also has a secret that has kept him from fully offering his heart to a woman. Julianne and Hawk learn to accept each other and work through their issues.

I really enjoyed this book but I did have some problems with just how naïve Julianne was for her age and the amount of time it took for Hawk to get over his problems. I am giving this story a Good+ rating.


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