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Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell

5164rgmckrlAs usual, Hannah Howell has written another entertaining Highland story that I could not put down until I finished it.  We have the trademark hero, Callum, who is sensitive with a heart of gold and our heroine, Bethoc, who gives love with an open heart. And my favorite is the assortment of villains who get their comeuppance in a most satisfying manner.


Someone has tried to kill Callum and left him for dead when Bethoc finds him and takes him to her own special retreat for healing. As she is caring for Callum, she meets several groups of bad guys including her stepfather who “found” young boys to farm his land. Along the way, Bethoc finds out why these villains were sent to kill Callum which leads to more evil doing. There is adventure scene one after another to keep the reader thoroughly engaged in this romance. We even have cameo appearances of past heroes from earlier books for happy reunions. I love how the author interweaves the new stories with old favorites. Ms. Howell’s character development is just superb. I can’t wait for little Margaret to grow up and get her own story.


I enjoyed how Callum evolved  and learned to accept himself. He has grown so much since being adopted by Sir Payton Murray. Bethoc made him appreciate and respect the person he has become.  I enthusiastically give this book 5 stars and thumbs up review.Highland Chieftain

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