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Highland Chieftain by Hannah Howell

5164rgmckrlAs usual, Hannah Howell has written another entertaining Highland story that I could not put down until I finished it.  We have the trademark hero, Callum, who is sensitive with a heart of gold and our heroine, Bethoc, who gives love with an open heart. And my favorite is the assortment of villains who get their comeuppance in a most satisfying manner.


Someone has tried to kill Callum and left him for dead when Bethoc finds him and takes him to her own special retreat for healing. As she is caring for Callum, she meets several groups of bad guys including her stepfather who “found” young boys to farm his land. Along the way, Bethoc finds out why these villains were sent to kill Callum which leads to more evil doing. There is adventure scene one after another to keep the reader thoroughly engaged in this romance. We even have cameo appearances of past heroes from earlier books for happy reunions. I love how the author interweaves the new stories with old favorites. Ms. Howell’s character development is just superb. I can’t wait for little Margaret to grow up and get her own story.


I enjoyed how Callum evolved  and learned to accept himself. He has grown so much since being adopted by Sir Payton Murray. Bethoc made him appreciate and respect the person he has become.  I enthusiastically give this book 5 stars and thumbs up review.Highland Chieftain

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The Midsummer’s Night Sin by Kasey Michaels

The Midsummer’s Night Sin is the second book in the Blackthorne brothers trilogy. Once again, Ms. Michael has written another scintillating entry in the trilogy. The first two stories have kept me absolutely entranced with these creative characters. Characters from the first book have re-surfaced in this story and Ms. Michaels has fleshed out more of their character and there is probably more to come.

Robin Blackthorne, aka Puck, is the youngest son of a liaison between an Earl and an actress mother. His father has always acknowledged his sons and provided for them. Puck and his brothers have learned to live with their illegitimate status. Although Puck is rich and very handsome, he is not exactly a choice of the ton’s mothers to marry their daughters. His older brothers just think of him as a profligate and don’t take him very seriously but there is much to Puck’s personality that does not meet the eye.

Regina, our heroine, is in just as bad of a situation even if she is legitimate. Her mother was sold into a marriage with a “cit” by her gambling father and lives with a bottle in one hand at all times. Her father, Reginald, is an unscrupulous scoundrel with no conscious and tries to buy himself into acceptability. Reginald plans to sell Regina to at least an Earl with his money and her beauty. He knows that Regina despises him and he has to be very careful in getting her to agree with any kind of marriage.

Regina’s cousin has a penchant for putting herself in bad situations. She talks Regina into going to a masquerade ball where Regina meets Puck and her cousin, Miranda, disappears. Regina enlists Puck’s help to find her cousin before anything horrible can happen to her. Puck uses his intelligence and resources to locate Miranda with Regina’s help. This book is a fast read and keeps us on our toes before our hero and heroine finds Miranda. We learn more about the third brother, Jack and I can’t wait before we can read his story. This romance has all the elements of an excellent read—good characterization and strong storylines.

I look forwards to finally learning the secrets of the Blackthorne brothers and I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes suspense in their romance. This book can stand on its own.

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Protective Custody by Wynter Daniels

Ms. Daniels has written a wonderfully suspenseful story. Megan Jackson witnesses a murder through the window but after calling the police, there was no body or evidence. She calls her ex-boyfriend, a former cop, to help her solve this murder before the murderer kills her. Fortunately, for Megan, Will McCoy believes her and vows to protect her. Will still loves Megan and could never understand why she broke up their relationship. The sparks are still there and romance heats up immediately after being in each other’s company. Along with solving this murder mystery, Will intends to re-kindle the flames and not let Megan walk away from their relationship.

Megan never told Will that she broke up with him due to the prejudices of her grandmother regarding interracial relationships. This books takes us through Megan’s desire to please her grandmother and also stay with the love of her life. The author does an excellent job in showing how love conquers all. Ms. Daniels also had plenty of twists and suspense while Megan and Will prove that a murder occurred and who did it.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who not only wants to see lovers triumph over their difficulties but Ms. Daniels also gave us a thrilling suspense story that kept us guessing throughout the book.

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Playing Dirty by Susan Andersen

Playing Dirty is a fast-paced, entertaining romp. Ms. Andersen has given us well-written leads and sub-characters that kept me glued to this book.  The prologue in the book starts ten years earlier when Cade Gallari accepted a dare from his friends that he could seduce Ava Spencer–the girl with the few extra pounds.  He wins the bet but Ava gives as much as she got during the announcement.  For thirteen years, Cade has regretted taking the dare and has tried to apologize to Ava any chance he gets but so far she hasn’t really forgiven him.

Over the years, Cade has become a well-known documentary producer and his next project entails writing about a mansion that was bequeathed to Ava and her friends.  Its previous owner, Miss Agnes, is also a prominent figure in both the film and the book.  Cade has always wanted to do a film on the mystery surrounding the mansion and now he has the clout to get it done. He arranges to rent the mansion and retain the services of Ava as the show’s concierge. Ava has lost the extra pounds and has gained an excellent reputation as a concierge and Cade is certainly attracted to the new Ava although he does admit to himself that he liked the old one too.

This book has it all–wonderful plot with an opportunistic villain, sparks between our love interests and a very satisfying ending.  I highly recommend that you get on board and enjoy this entertaining ride of a book.  Ms. Andersen has knocked this one out of the park.

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The Ideal Man by Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood delivers again.  The Ideal Man is a fast-paced story with two strong lead characters trying to handle dual crimes.  Ellie witnesses an attempted murder on a FBI agent while jogging  for relaxation from being a superstar trauma surgeon. Although the villains are in disguise and neither she nor the FBI agent can identify them, the Landrys (villains) want them eliminated.  She meets Max, another FBI agent, who has been trying to bring down the Landrys for crimes perpetrated in Hawaii. There is instant attraction between Ellie and Max and it just gets better as the story progresses.

Along with having to stay alive for witnessing this crime, she has her own nemesis from thepast.  Evan Paterson has stalked Ellie since she was eleven years old and left her for dead when she didn’t return his affections.  Having to navigate between finding the Landrys and Paterson before Ellie is killed keep Ellie and Max very busy.  Throughout this madness, Ellie has to contend with the wedding of a sister who stole Ellie’s fiance.

The family dynamics are appealing and the characters bring a lot of energy to the book.  There are several characters in this book who can carry their own storyline in one of Garwood’s future books.  I highly recommend this book as a Forever “Good Read”.

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Salary Tutor by Jim Hopkinson

Mr. Hopkinson has chosen to tackle a very difficult subject–negotiating salaries.  He has interwoven real life scenarios with suggested techniques.

As a veteran of the salary negotiation wars  myself, I read this book with an open mind.  I can only say that I wish that this book existed several battles ago. The suggestions were concise and very easy to do. I saw some of my mistakes and realize that I could have negotiated for better salaries by just being prepared and armed with information.

The book is written such that a novice can also benefit from the information in it. It tells you how to negotiate without leaving a bad taste in the employer’s mouth. Having been an employer too, I can attest to this assertion. I highly recommend this book for anyone going into salary negotiations and want make sure that they are making as much as possible.

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Hello Readers

This posting is to announce my new blog. I am an avid reader and I will be blogging reviews on books of all genres. Most of my blogs will be on Romance and technical books although I reserve the right to review any book. If you have any questions or requests for reviews, let me know. I will also have guest bloggers so don’t hesitate to send me your reviews.

This is a picture of my bookstore. If you ever see yourself in the San Jose/Santa Clara area, please drop by. You can find us on the web at

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