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Courting Justice by Brenda Jackson

Once again, Brenda Jackson has written an intoxicating romantic story that makes the reader just fall in love with the characters. We are familiar with the hero and heroine from previous Madaris books. Peyton Mahoney is a self-made attorney who is in a law partnership with her two best friends. Because of a romance gone bad in her earlier college days, she has put her heart in a lock box, especially against rich suitors. DeAngelo Di Meglio is the brother of one of her law partners. He has had romantic feelings for her since he got to know her through his previous visits to his sister.

Everyone seems to know how DeAngelo feels but Peyton. DeAngelo decides to take the bull by the horn and seduce Peyton with good intentions. He convinces Peyton’s law partners to give her a vacation for her birthday at a resort that he partially owns where he will just happen to be also spending a vacation. All of the pent up feelings between Peyton and DeAngelo surfaces to the top and it was non-stop loving from then on. DeAngelo was determined to storm Peyton’s defenses and he accomplished it. Just when things are going his way, there is a conflict where Peyton will finally have to decide if she wants the forever after or if she wants to keep the chip on her shoulder. How this problem is resolved is classic Brenda Jackson and I really loved the dynamics between our two love interests.

I completely loved this book and highly recommend this story.


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Private Arrangements by Brenda Jackson

I must admit before I begin this review that I am an avid Brenda Jackson afficionada. I have read her entire catalogue of books and liked every one. My expectations for her books are extremely high and she has never disappointed me yet and this book is no exception. The story grabbed my attention from the very first page. Nikki Cartwright and Jonas Steele are both gorgeous, intelligent, talented, sexy, and want something different in a romance. Nikki wants happily ever after with one man and Jonas wants happily ever after with a different woman every day.

Nikki is Jonas sister-in-law’s best friend which means that they run into each other quite often at family gatherings. Jonas runs an up and coming Marketing firm where he has used Nikki’s services as a freelance photographer on several successful projects. Eighteen months ago, Nikki and Jonas shared an extremely sensual kiss which made Jonas run for the hills until now. Presently, he has just been offered an account that could take his firm to the next level but he needs the best photographer for the marketing campaign and Nikki is the best. Nikki is hesitant about accepting the job because she was secretly almost in love with Jonas and didn’t want her heart broken by being so close to Jonas for an extended period of time. Jonas won’t take no for an answer and he does everything in his power to get her to accept his job offer.

As both Nikki and Jonas had anticipated, their being in each other’s company made the sparks come fast and furious between them. Their closeness just oozed sexual chemistry. They could barely keep their hands off each other and they made every excuse to be in each other’s company. Jonas learned what love really means and Nikki learned how to give her all in hopes of obtaining her dreams of babies and a happy marriage. I really loved how these two evolved and recognized their needs as they learned to be a loving couple. This might have been an unorthodox courting, but if agreeing to your own “private arrangements” helps you to get what you want most in life is well worth it.

I enjoyed reading about family members and friends of Ms. Jackson’s core fictional families and this book is just one more that I can add to my keeper file. I, enthusiasticly, give this book an Excellent recommendation with two thumbs up.

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