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Sweet Southern Nights by Rochelle Alers

I loved this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Once, I started reading, I couldn’t put it down until the very last page. Levi is just dreamy as the hero and Angela holds her own with him. I have so many accolades that I will just have to limit myself to the very best ones. I have always been a huge fan of Ms. Alers and just keeps putting out quality stories one after the other.

Levi Eaton is a pediatrician working temporarily in a small town that does not have many paying customers. He is asked by the Doctor who owns the practice to escort his sister, Angela Chase, to a wedding where she is sure to meet up with her ex-fiance. Angela’s ex ran off to Las Vegas with her best friend and maid of honor right after the rehearsal dinner. Neither Levi nor Angela wanted a long-term relationship so you would think that both of them would be happy with the situation. They met and then found themselves agreeing to a relationship before they knew what was happening. Levi and Angela was to go their separate ways after the wedding but they found themselves planning dates left and right. Of course, they talked themselves into believing that they were just friends.

The most delightful aspect of the story was when both of them were trying to get their own way and they had to compromise. Their repartee in coming to the compromise was just wonderful. I couldn’t stop chuckling. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.


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Sinful Temptation by Ann Christopher

Talia Adams met Antonios Davies (Tony) before he was sent overseas to Afghanistan to fight in the war. She asked to be his pen pal and told him that she would faithfully write him. Over his tour of duty, they wrote each often talking about anything and everything. Throughout this communication, Talia’s boyfriend left her and Tony started having romantic feelings for Talia. Tony put out some feelers to see if Talia felt the same way and Talia abruptly stopped writing him. Tony, unfortunately, was captured and thought to be dead.

Tony eventually returned home but experienced Post Traumatic Syndrome. The only thing that got him through his captivity and the aftermath was his thoughts of Talia. At first, Tony was going to abide by Talia’s decision not to talk to him but he decided to give it one more try to see if she had feelings for him. Both Tony and Talia had a lot of baggage that they had to overcome before they could give each other their hearts. I really liked how Tony decided to go full force no holds barred when trying to get Talia to give him a chance for romance.

This was a very entertaining novels with lessons to be learned by all of the characters in the book, including the minor ones. I easily read this book in one sitting because I couldn’t wait to read how the story ended. I give this story a Very Good rating.


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Escape to Paradise by Pamela Yaye

I have not read any of Ms. Yaye’s previous books but if her heroines are anything like this one, I won’t be reading another one again. This book for me was a train wreck from the very beginning. I had so many problems with this book that it is too hard to list them all. Claudia Jefferies is a successful event planner who just divorced her older husband of several years. On the day the divorce became finalized, her ex-husband was arrested for fraud. The public and the police treated Claudia as if she was an accomplice in the fraud. Her answer to this was to get upset, change her hairstyle, hire a less than mediocre attorney, and then run away. Instead of getting some competent advice, she wanted to be “independent” and solve these problems by herself. Now is not the time to do it yourself when you can be thrown into jail.

First of all, wigs would have been a better answer to the hair change because she could change her looks at a moment’s notice. She could have contacted any lawyer referral service to find an attorney who has won a fraud case. And she ran away after all of her assets were frozen–meaning how does she intend to pay for anything. Being broke, the author even had her hesitating to accept a lucrative job offer. Ms. Yaye made a point of telling us that Claudia is a college graduate and has run her own business. Claudia should have been able to find a decent attorney if she ran her own business especially since she had to be using contracts as an event planner.

Claudia runs away to Cabo San Lucas and met Santiago Medina at the airport. She had already turned away every enquiring man but Santiago was determined to spend time with her. With her surly attitude, I couldn’t see the attraction. The dynamics and other relationships in the story were equally irksome such as, out of nowhere, Santiago’s father jumps down Claudia’s throat without listening to her side of the story. The story was so disjointed that I could not wait until it was over.

To make matters worse, this book actually ended before we found out what happened with Claudia or her ex-husband’s SEC case. Claudia’s actions are unbelievable under the circumstances and I could never believe that Santiago is that enamored with her. This book was just too problematic and I cannot recommend this book.

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Private Arrangements by Brenda Jackson

I must admit before I begin this review that I am an avid Brenda Jackson afficionada. I have read her entire catalogue of books and liked every one. My expectations for her books are extremely high and she has never disappointed me yet and this book is no exception. The story grabbed my attention from the very first page. Nikki Cartwright and Jonas Steele are both gorgeous, intelligent, talented, sexy, and want something different in a romance. Nikki wants happily ever after with one man and Jonas wants happily ever after with a different woman every day.

Nikki is Jonas sister-in-law’s best friend which means that they run into each other quite often at family gatherings. Jonas runs an up and coming Marketing firm where he has used Nikki’s services as a freelance photographer on several successful projects. Eighteen months ago, Nikki and Jonas shared an extremely sensual kiss which made Jonas run for the hills until now. Presently, he has just been offered an account that could take his firm to the next level but he needs the best photographer for the marketing campaign and Nikki is the best. Nikki is hesitant about accepting the job because she was secretly almost in love with Jonas and didn’t want her heart broken by being so close to Jonas for an extended period of time. Jonas won’t take no for an answer and he does everything in his power to get her to accept his job offer.

As both Nikki and Jonas had anticipated, their being in each other’s company made the sparks come fast and furious between them. Their closeness just oozed sexual chemistry. They could barely keep their hands off each other and they made every excuse to be in each other’s company. Jonas learned what love really means and Nikki learned how to give her all in hopes of obtaining her dreams of babies and a happy marriage. I really loved how these two evolved and recognized their needs as they learned to be a loving couple. This might have been an unorthodox courting, but if agreeing to your own “private arrangements” helps you to get what you want most in life is well worth it.

I enjoyed reading about family members and friends of Ms. Jackson’s core fictional families and this book is just one more that I can add to my keeper file. I, enthusiasticly, give this book an Excellent recommendation with two thumbs up.

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Sinful Seduction by Ann Christopher

Sinful Seduction has all of the elements to be a fantastic book. I really loved the heroine, Skylar Lawrence. She was feisty, intelligent, and she went after her man. I enjoyed the reading the dynamics between the secondary characters who were well-defined and our story leads. Ms. Christopher characterized the hero, Sandro, very well with an intriguing personality that offered lots of story opportunities. This was a good book but it could have been exceptional if the story had better transition in the story lines. I think that the author was trying to put too many events into a small space and could not give them all enough attention. Some of the events could have been omitted and others should have been lengthened to give us a more satisfying interaction between the couple.

Skylar Lawrence was barely engaged to Alessandro Davies’ brother when she met Sandro. Soon, thereafter, she broke her engagement days before the twins were deployed to Afghanistan. Her former fiance was MIA after an explosion and Sandro came back injured physically and mentally because he couldn’t save his brother. Skylar felt the sparks with Sandro from the day that she met him. She tried to contact him after he came back but he didn’t return her messages. Sandro fell for Skylar immediately but he didn’t want to act on his feelings because he felt like he was betraying his brother’s memory. Skylar decided to take matters in her own hand and showed up on his doorsteps. Gloves were removed an the romance adventure was on.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interplay and dynamics between all of the characters in the story. A few surprises manifested themselves along the way but Skylar was determined to win her man. The bumps in the road helped this story eventually come to a satisying end. I give this story a Good recommendation and I am looking forward to reading the sequel to this book to find out how all the relationships evolve.

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Romancing the MD by Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith has written a very appealing third entrant in the Hopewell General miniseries. I must add that all of the books that I have read in this miniseries have been presented very well with a strong plot thread and well-written characters. This book is no exception to the group. Tamara St. John and Victor Aguilar are two of the most promising interns in Hopewell’s program. They are very competitive and feed off each other to be the best.

I really liked how the two leads were transformed from just colleagues to romantic partners. For equal measures, they had to deal with family issues and acceptance. They also had to prove that they could handle a romantic relationship as well as a working one. Ms Smith did an excellent job blending friendships, romance, and external influences in a very entertaining read.

I give this book a very good recommendation and hope to read more of her books in the future.

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