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Colby Law by Debra Webb

Victoria Colby-Camp of Colby Agency was contacted by Rafe Barker scheduled to be put to death for murdering young girls in Texas. Rafe explained to Victoria that his wife, Clare, was actually the one responsible for the deaths. The authorities disagreed and let her out on probation. Rafe had made arrangements when he went to jail to have their three daughters adopted so that Clare could never find them. As soon as Clare was released, she started looking for her long-lost daughters.

Lyle McCaleb was assigned by the Colby Agency to protect Sadie Gilmore until they can confirm Rafe’s story and to prevent Sadie from being killed if necessary. Nasty things started happening to Sadie almost as soon as her real mother was released from jail. This happening was complicated by the fact that she had a tumultous relationship with her adopted father. I didn’t quite like the relationship as it was written between Sadie and her adopted father. It seemed like an expedient plot device that was not well thought out.

Sadie was Lyle’s true love and was run off by her father in earlier days. Lyle is definitely not going to run off now while he is protecting Sadie. There are some twists and turns to keep the suspense rolling along but because it’s a trilogy, there is a lot of information that is left to be determined which puts a downer on the story. I think that I could get more enjoyment in this book if I had waited to read it once all of the books once they have been published. As it stands now, I give it a Good+ recommendation.


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Sinful Temptation by Ann Christopher

Talia Adams met Antonios Davies (Tony) before he was sent overseas to Afghanistan to fight in the war. She asked to be his pen pal and told him that she would faithfully write him. Over his tour of duty, they wrote each often talking about anything and everything. Throughout this communication, Talia’s boyfriend left her and Tony started having romantic feelings for Talia. Tony put out some feelers to see if Talia felt the same way and Talia abruptly stopped writing him. Tony, unfortunately, was captured and thought to be dead.

Tony eventually returned home but experienced Post Traumatic Syndrome. The only thing that got him through his captivity and the aftermath was his thoughts of Talia. At first, Tony was going to abide by Talia’s decision not to talk to him but he decided to give it one more try to see if she had feelings for him. Both Tony and Talia had a lot of baggage that they had to overcome before they could give each other their hearts. I really liked how Tony decided to go full force no holds barred when trying to get Talia to give him a chance for romance.

This was a very entertaining novels with lessons to be learned by all of the characters in the book, including the minor ones. I easily read this book in one sitting because I couldn’t wait to read how the story ended. I give this story a Very Good rating.


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Against the Night by Kat Martin

I must say that I am really loving Kat Martin “Against” miniseries. It just gets better with each book and I can wait until I read each installment. The Raines family and friends just keep on giving to the reader. Former Ranger, Johnnie Riggs is working as a private investigator when he spotted Amy Brewer, aka Angel Fontaine, dancing in a stripper joint as he was in the process of apprehending a bond runner. Amy has come to Los Angeles from Grand Rapids, MI looking for her sister who has disappeared and no one has seen her for weeks. She has gotten a job in the stripper joint where her sister, Rachael , last worked hoping to gather any information on her disappearance.

The chemistry between Amy and Johnnie was scorching from the first time that he saw her and it was reciprocated by our heroine. Amy and Johnnie worked very well to solve the disappearance of her sister as they followed the clues until they found her. I also liked the semi-romance between the sister and the Detective such that it made a profane difference in Rachael’s recovery.

This was an excellently written book although I am not a fan of rape in romances. I guess you can say it was instrumental to the storyline but I wish it could have been written differently.


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Sinful Seduction by Ann Christopher

Sinful Seduction has all of the elements to be a fantastic book. I really loved the heroine, Skylar Lawrence. She was feisty, intelligent, and she went after her man. I enjoyed the reading the dynamics between the secondary characters who were well-defined and our story leads. Ms. Christopher characterized the hero, Sandro, very well with an intriguing personality that offered lots of story opportunities. This was a good book but it could have been exceptional if the story had better transition in the story lines. I think that the author was trying to put too many events into a small space and could not give them all enough attention. Some of the events could have been omitted and others should have been lengthened to give us a more satisfying interaction between the couple.

Skylar Lawrence was barely engaged to Alessandro Davies’ brother when she met Sandro. Soon, thereafter, she broke her engagement days before the twins were deployed to Afghanistan. Her former fiance was MIA after an explosion and Sandro came back injured physically and mentally because he couldn’t save his brother. Skylar felt the sparks with Sandro from the day that she met him. She tried to contact him after he came back but he didn’t return her messages. Sandro fell for Skylar immediately but he didn’t want to act on his feelings because he felt like he was betraying his brother’s memory. Skylar decided to take matters in her own hand and showed up on his doorsteps. Gloves were removed an the romance adventure was on.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interplay and dynamics between all of the characters in the story. A few surprises manifested themselves along the way but Skylar was determined to win her man. The bumps in the road helped this story eventually come to a satisying end. I give this story a Good recommendation and I am looking forward to reading the sequel to this book to find out how all the relationships evolve.

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The Surgeon’s Secret Baby by Anne Christopher

The Surgeon’s Secret Baby is the second book in a four part miniseries centered in the Hopewell General hospital. Although, this book is part of a miniseries, it is excellent enough to stand on its own. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Christopher’s story about Lia, who has hacked the hospital’s computer to determine the identity of her son’s sperm donor and Thomas, an eminently acclaimed surgeon.

Lia was widowed before the birth of her son and is doing everything in her power to help her son find a kidney transplant. She finds out that Thomas is her son’s father and immediately appeals to him to get tested to see if he can be a donor for her child. Thomas decided long ago not to father a child and only donated sperm as a college student. But once he meets his little mini-me, Thomas wants to play a significant role in his son’s life. At the same time, he is very attracted to his son’s mother and the sparks fly between them from the first time that they meet. Their interaction just had me melting all the way through this book. I must confess that I have read this book several times so that I could just enjoy taking part in coming together of a beautiful family.

This book shows the growth of all the family members including Thomas’s father who has issues of his own and brings several plot turning events to the story. This was an integration of different characters and perspectives and I look forward to discovering more of Ms. Christopher’s work. I highly recommend this book as a heart-warming feel good story.

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Montana Sheriff by Marie Ferrarella

Ms. Ferrarella, a prolific author, has written romances with diversified plot lines. Her writing style, alone, is usually enough to hold my attention throughout a book. This book was very difficult for me to read because I did not like the heroine at all, along with her machinations and omissions.

Cole James and Veronica McCloud were inseparable all of their life and everyone knew the couple would marry someday but Veronica wanted more. Veronica wanted to go to college and she wanted Cole to come with her. Only Cole was happy living in Redemption and saw no need to go to college just make a bigger mark on the world. The night of their last argument, they made love and Veronica left town the next day without a word. Six years later, she reappears after a family emergency. Unbeknownst to Cole, she gave birth to his son and never informed him of his child.

Of course, it was stated earlier on that she had very good reasons for not telling him, but as far as I am concerned unless the parent is violent or unfit, there is no “good” reason why the father should not be informed of his child.  What was so ironic in the this story was that it took Veronica’s father two weeks to inform her of the family emergency and she took umbrage as to why she wasn’t informed immediately. Considering the fact that she waited six years to tell Cole of his child, she is the last person who should be complaining about someone not divulging information in a timely manner.

Ms. Ferrarella tried to give the impression that the heroine was so unselfish that she put in for a leave of absence to be at her family’s side for this emergency but she was still trying to figure out how she can get in and out of town without disclosing that she had Cole’s child. She was even “thankful” that Chris looked so much like her so no one could guess his parentage.  Her actions does not represent an unselfish person to me. She had so many chances to tell Cole about the child until we finally find out at the end of the story that she only wanted Cole to tell her that he loved her. That is about as asinine a reason as I have ever read in a book. The child is an individual and the situation should have been treated as such. This is a good reason for not marrying him, but not a good reason not to tell a man that he is a father. Cole could have kept the child while Victoria finished her education without getting married. There is no written law that a mother must have custody of her child and have to marry the father. Nor does it make you a bad mother because you recognize that a child would fare better being in the custody of his father while you get your life together. This book sends the wrong message to young women–limiting their options.

Even after Cole and his son, Christopher, bonded Veronica still did not tell them the truth. The child practically begged his mother not to take him away from his father because he wanted to stay with him. Cole’s mother even called her out about the not telling her son about his child. Both pleadings fell on deaf ears and Veronica did not give in until she got Cole to say “I love you” when she clearly did not deserve it after all of the pain and anguish that she had brought him. The author would also have us believe that Cole’s mother still liked Veronica even though she had seen all of the havoc that this woman has wreaked to her only son. That is totally unbelievable. This book had so many flaws and problems that I cannot fully enumerate them in this forum. They were about as numerous as there were pages in the book.

Veronica is by far the most self-absorbed and self-centered heroine that I have ever encountered in a romance. I found myself hoping against hope that for once this romance wouldn’t end with the hero and heroine having a happily-ever-after ending. I hoped Cole would wish Veronica well, take custody of Christopher, send her on her merry way, and find a woman who would really appreciate him. She is usually the woman the man got rid of before the story began. I cannot recommend this book under any circumstance.

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The Mogul’s Maybe Marriage by Mindy Klasky

This book was an interesting read. It had a little of bit of heart touching plus a plucky heroine that enabled me to finish the story. I would give it an acceptable rating because it had all of the elements of a romance but it just didn’t flow seamlessly.

Ethan Hartwell is told by his grandmother that he must marry by his birthday or lose his place in her company regardless of the fact that he has been doing an exceptional job as a CEO. The author kept telling us that the grandmother was threatening her grandson because she loved him so much. That kind of love you can live without. He searches out Sloan Davenport who he remembered as an excellent lover to ask her to marry him. He finds out that she is pregnant with his child and this gives him the perfect excuse to pressure Sloane to marry him. She puts up a little resistance at first but agrees rather quickly after surveying her resources. Because of a family secret, Ethan tends to distance himself from attachments and this didn’t stop with a new wife and puppy. Eventually, he learns to allow others besides his grandmother into his life and happily every after comes after a few bumps along the way.

I have already mentioned several flaws but the most glaring one is that if Ethan is as brilliant and successful as the author would have us believe he should have been able to either start his own company or at the very least be hired by another one in the same industry. Our heroine, Sloane, tries to bring some humanity into the book but the story just falls short in really retaining my full attention. There is also the obligatory cross purpose statement made by the well-meaning friend that causes Sloane to run away rather than to discuss it with her husband which could have saved us all from going through this “break-up”.

I can only recommend this book to fans of the secret baby and loving threats plot lines.

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