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Colby Law by Debra Webb

Victoria Colby-Camp of Colby Agency was contacted by Rafe Barker scheduled to be put to death for murdering young girls in Texas. Rafe explained to Victoria that his wife, Clare, was actually the one responsible for the deaths. The authorities disagreed and let her out on probation. Rafe had made arrangements when he went to jail to have their three daughters adopted so that Clare could never find them. As soon as Clare was released, she started looking for her long-lost daughters.

Lyle McCaleb was assigned by the Colby Agency to protect Sadie Gilmore until they can confirm Rafe’s story and to prevent Sadie from being killed if necessary. Nasty things started happening to Sadie almost as soon as her real mother was released from jail. This happening was complicated by the fact that she had a tumultous relationship with her adopted father. I didn’t quite like the relationship as it was written between Sadie and her adopted father. It seemed like an expedient plot device that was not well thought out.

Sadie was Lyle’s true love and was run off by her father in earlier days. Lyle is definitely not going to run off now while he is protecting Sadie. There are some twists and turns to keep the suspense rolling along but because it’s a trilogy, there is a lot of information that is left to be determined which puts a downer on the story. I think that I could get more enjoyment in this book if I had waited to read it once all of the books once they have been published. As it stands now, I give it a Good+ recommendation.


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Review of “The Girl Who Disappeared Twice” by Andrea Kane

Andrea Kane, who  wrote historical romances with some suspense involved, has completed another exceptional contemporary suspense novel. This novel grabs the reader from the first page. There were enough leads to keep us all busy trying to figure out the culprits. It was very hard for me to put this book down even for a minute.  I actually felt like I had a vested interest in solving this case.

Thirty years before, Hope Willis’ identical twin sister was kidnapped from their bedroom.  In present day, Hope’s daughter has just been kidnapped.  Her twin was never found so Hope has no intentions of leaving any rock unturned to find her abducted daughter.  She hires an organization called “Forensic Instincts” known for thinking out of the box to help the authorities find her daughter before the un-imaginable can happen.

The twists and turns of this story are many and I just couldn’t get enough.  I actually clapped my hands at the finale.  This book was just wonderful and excellently written.  The characters were dynamic and their interaction between each other totally believable. I sincerely hope that we see the Forensic Instincts team again in following sequels. I can’t wait for their next case.

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