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Colby Law by Debra Webb

Victoria Colby-Camp of Colby Agency was contacted by Rafe Barker scheduled to be put to death for murdering young girls in Texas. Rafe explained to Victoria that his wife, Clare, was actually the one responsible for the deaths. The authorities disagreed and let her out on probation. Rafe had made arrangements when he went to jail to have their three daughters adopted so that Clare could never find them. As soon as Clare was released, she started looking for her long-lost daughters.

Lyle McCaleb was assigned by the Colby Agency to protect Sadie Gilmore until they can confirm Rafe’s story and to prevent Sadie from being killed if necessary. Nasty things started happening to Sadie almost as soon as her real mother was released from jail. This happening was complicated by the fact that she had a tumultous relationship with her adopted father. I didn’t quite like the relationship as it was written between Sadie and her adopted father. It seemed like an expedient plot device that was not well thought out.

Sadie was Lyle’s true love and was run off by her father in earlier days. Lyle is definitely not going to run off now while he is protecting Sadie. There are some twists and turns to keep the suspense rolling along but because it’s a trilogy, there is a lot of information that is left to be determined which puts a downer on the story. I think that I could get more enjoyment in this book if I had waited to read it once all of the books once they have been published. As it stands now, I give it a Good+ recommendation.


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Pride & Passion by Charlotte Featherstone

This book is a sequel to Seduction & Scandal and I must admit that I did not like the heroine, Lucy Ashton, when she was introduced in that book. Unfortunately, this book did not make me like her any better in her own story. I found her to have a spoiled, stubborn personality with not much consideration for anyone else other than herself. The book, at least, furthered our knowledge of the issues started in the first book but I was barely interested in the plot the first time and I definitely started losing the rest of my interest while reading this one.

The Duke of Sussex has always had a tendre for Lucy since he first spotted her years ago. He requests her hand in marriage from her father and is given permission to marry her. Lucy feels that the Duke is a stick in the mud and goes out of her way to discourage him. But the Duke has waited too long and has done too much to win the love of his life so he has no intention of being dissuaded in his pursuit of her. Lucy still has feelings for previous lover who she thought was dead. She has embraced the occult in order to communicate with him once again. It doesn’t take much intelligence from the reader to determine that there is something havey-cavey about her previous love’s death. Lucy manages to get herself into much danger with the Duke constantly having to protect her and bail her out of trouble. Personally, I could see no reason why the Duke is so enamored of Lucy. She has shown me nothing in either of these stories why someone would do anything to win her love.

Ms. Featherstone has tried to explain some of the reasons why protecting the relics and understanding Lucy is plausible but I can’t accept them. I can only recommend this book to someone who is interested in the series and want to learn more about the Brethren. I, for one, will stop reading about them with this book.

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Seduction & Scandal by Charlotte Featherstone

This book was a mixed read for me. It was almost like the plot had the potential to be a very good story but it kept missing its aim. Isabella Fairmont is a child of an unacceptable union of too much passion. She has vowed to marry a practical staid individual so that she can have a constant relationship. Unbeknownst to her, she is being watched by Jude Shelton, Earl of Black. The Earl’s duty like his forefathers is to protect ancient relics as a member of the Brethren Guardians.

For me, I think the problem is that I don’t particularly like stories that rely heavily on relics especially when it is not clear to me what exactly is going on. They had a lot of events happening but no tying up of loose ends—maybe because there are more sequels planned to this book. It was obvious that this is not a standalone book. Her cousin, Lucy, with her own agenda to contact dead people was introduced in the book. She just added more unknowns to the equation with her unexplained antics.

The romance between Isabella and Jude was interesting enough for me to give this book a tepid endorsement with hopes that future books will tie up all of the loose ends in a satisfactory manner.

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The Midsummer’s Night Sin by Kasey Michaels

The Midsummer’s Night Sin is the second book in the Blackthorne brothers trilogy. Once again, Ms. Michael has written another scintillating entry in the trilogy. The first two stories have kept me absolutely entranced with these creative characters. Characters from the first book have re-surfaced in this story and Ms. Michaels has fleshed out more of their character and there is probably more to come.

Robin Blackthorne, aka Puck, is the youngest son of a liaison between an Earl and an actress mother. His father has always acknowledged his sons and provided for them. Puck and his brothers have learned to live with their illegitimate status. Although Puck is rich and very handsome, he is not exactly a choice of the ton’s mothers to marry their daughters. His older brothers just think of him as a profligate and don’t take him very seriously but there is much to Puck’s personality that does not meet the eye.

Regina, our heroine, is in just as bad of a situation even if she is legitimate. Her mother was sold into a marriage with a “cit” by her gambling father and lives with a bottle in one hand at all times. Her father, Reginald, is an unscrupulous scoundrel with no conscious and tries to buy himself into acceptability. Reginald plans to sell Regina to at least an Earl with his money and her beauty. He knows that Regina despises him and he has to be very careful in getting her to agree with any kind of marriage.

Regina’s cousin has a penchant for putting herself in bad situations. She talks Regina into going to a masquerade ball where Regina meets Puck and her cousin, Miranda, disappears. Regina enlists Puck’s help to find her cousin before anything horrible can happen to her. Puck uses his intelligence and resources to locate Miranda with Regina’s help. This book is a fast read and keeps us on our toes before our hero and heroine finds Miranda. We learn more about the third brother, Jack and I can’t wait before we can read his story. This romance has all the elements of an excellent read—good characterization and strong storylines.

I look forwards to finally learning the secrets of the Blackthorne brothers and I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes suspense in their romance. This book can stand on its own.

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Baby, Drive South by Stephanie Bond

The Armstrong brothers have come home to tornado-ravished Sweetness, GA to rebuild the town for themselves and their mother. The construction is coming along nicely except for one thing–there are no women. The men have to travel some distance to enjoy the company of womenfolk and you just can’t have a town without the fairer sex. Ms. Bond has given us a very entertaining read with the diverse characters and interesting events.

One brother, Kendall, has placed an ad in a Northern town for women who are willing to come South and help rebuild the town. A caravan of women have arrived in town and no one has thought of actually setting up a proper environment for them. Flying by the seat of their pants, the brothers have to build living accommodations and other facilities for the women. Trying to figure out how the brothers will keep the women from leaving will keep the reader turning the pages.

Parker Armstrong, is the Lothario of the brothers and has broken his leg trying to view the women from a tower as they entered into town. Fortunately, for him, a doctor is in the group along with some medical equipment which enabled her to treat him immediately. Parker is not at his best and makes the doctor, Nikki Salinger, feel unappreciated which gives her second thoughts about staying in town. She decides to leave the town as quickly as possible. The brothers know that if she leaves town, the rest of the women won’t be too far behind. The brothers told Parker to get the doctor to stay and sign a contract for her services. As Parker work to get her to stay, he starts to have feelings for our good doctor and he challenges her throughout the book until he wins her heart. An ex-boyfriend of the doctor shows up and put more flies in the ointment.

This book is the first in Ms. Bond’s new trilogy and I can’t wait for the next installment. We can see a preview of what’s to come since an ex-lover of one brother is a best friend of Dr. Nikki and she did not come to town with her. This is a very good start to the trilogy and I hope Ms. Bond keeps up with what she has begun in this very enjoyable read.

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