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No One But You by Leigh Greenwood

I am an inveterate reader of Leigh Greenwood romantic westerns. Most of them are keepers for me. Our author has written another winner with likable characters including the ones in the “gray” area. I don’t mind reading some westerns when some of the bad guys can be redeemed.

Sarah Winborne has lost her husband in the War between the States and she is trying to run her ranch with few cowhands while taking care of a crippled son and a daughter who is trying very hard to help their mother. Sara contacts the Randolphs with an offer for an ambitious man who wants to eventually own his own land. The Randolphs recommends several men for her to interview. Sara did not have a happy marriage before her husband left to fight in the war and she really wanted her next husband to be someone that she couldn’t love. Although she was attracted to Benton Wheeler (Salty), she offered him the proposal against her better judgement.

Salty agreed to the proposal and immediately showed that he was the right man for the job. He not only showed that he could run the ranch but he became her protector and a wonderful father to her children. Of course in these time, no romance can go smoothly without ruffling a few feathers and having to face some unforseen events. But Sara and Rusty couldn’t stop themselves from letting their emotions enter into their relationship. They met their struggles head on and managed to save their ranch with the respect of their cowhands. Rusty also helped her children accept their limitations and grow with confidence.

This story was very heartwarming and showed the beauty of how everyone working together can overcome all obstacles. I give this book and Excellent rating.


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Night Hawk by Beverly Jenkins

Once again, Beverly Jenkins has given us a wonderfully entertaining story. This author never fails to deliver to the reader. I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. Ian Vance Bigelow, aka Preacher, is known throughout the West as a bible quoting bounty hunter, Marshall, and a lawyer. Maggie is a strong, independent woman who has experienced more than her share of hard knocks but she has persevered through it all.

Maggie was wrongfully arrested for killing her would-be molester after he was accidentally killed while she was defending herself. Her attacker’s father was a prominent member in the community and he railroaded the Sheriff into arresting her even with the evidence clearly showing that it was an accident. The Sheriff wanted her to get a fair trial so he decided to change the venue of trial. He asked for Preacher’s help in transporting Maggie to the new venue because he knows that Preacher would get her there alive. I won’t spoil the fun for readers who have not read this book yet but these two will encounter trouble coming from the past, present, and future. Riding along with our Maggie and Preacher was just thrilling and captivating. But as usual, love conquers all and Maggie will finally get the happy life that she deserves.

I give this story two thumbs up and I can’t wait for Ms. Jenkins’ next book.

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A Lawman’s Christmas by Linda Lael Miller

Linda Lael Miller has given us a nice heartwarming homespun story. I really enjoyed the characters especially the hero and the heroine’s two children. Dara Rose Nolan is the widow of the previous Marshall. She was given permission by the town council to remain in the house that came with the job until a new Marshall was hired. Unfortunately for Dara and her two children, the town council has hired Clay McKettrick to become the new Marshall and has give Dara an eviction notice. Clay comes from a prosperous family in which he is one of the youngest. He needs his own space to recover from a bad love affair.

The person that Clay meets after taking over the Marshall position is Ms. Edrina Nolan, Dara’s oldest daughter. Edrina is petite and has the most loveable personality. Clay is enchanted by her and has appointed himself the protector of the widow and her children. Clay has allowed Dara and her family to remain in the house but the town council still wants to evict her and sell the house if the Marshall doesn’t want to live there. Dara has an unwanted suitor and agrees to marry the Marshall to stay in the house and to get rid of the erstwhile suitor. We see the blending of a new family and how trust and love builds up over time. This book was nice and cozy read for anyone who wants to believe in true romance.

The characters are well-written with strong characteristics. There is also room for redemption and new beginnings. I give this story a good recommendation.

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